FCHS Community Programs

Community Programs:

  • Add Color to Your Plateā€¦ And Move More- Learn how physical activity and eating more colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans are vital to improving health and preventing disease.
  • Lighten Up the Fat- Dietary Fat are important in maintaining optimal nutrition and health. Learn the role that good fats play in the diet and how to minimize the other fats to maintain health and reduce the risk of disease.
  • Small steps to Health and Wealth- Learn how to motivate participants to improve both their health and their finances. Small steps encourages participants to set a health goal and or wealth goal and take action to achieve their goals by identifying small progress steps.
  • Supersize America- Supersize America helps participants understand why large portions and a lack of physical activity are both major problems for most Americans. A series of quizzes on portion sizes, household activity and calories burned makes this program fun and self- motivating.
  • Living with Food Allergies- Food allergies can be scary and complicated. Learn what the most common food allergies are, how to identify and respond to a possible food allergy and what the proper precisions you can make to reduce food allergy reactions.
  • Fad Diets: What’s the Truth- There are a lot of mixed messages in the media today about good diets and bad diets. It’s important to learn what these popular diets are offering and if they are really good for us.
  • Label Reading for Better Health- Most of the food we eat has nutrition labels. That’s why it’s so important for us to learn how to read and understand food labels so we can make healthier choices. Learn how to read portion size, calculate calories and what % Daily Value means.

Functional Foods:

  • Is Chocolate the New Health Food?- Learn about the ‘food of the gods’ in this informative program. You will explore not only the possible health benefits of chocolate, but also the past, present and future of chocolate. Recipes and tasting are included.
  • A Tea Seminar: Drink to Your Health- This program includes a lecture on the history, culture and health benefits of tea, reviews current recommendations for tea drinking and can be followed by Afternoon Tea.
  • Coffee: Should it be Your Mug of Choice?- To drink or not to drink, that is the question when it comes to coffee. Often given a bad rap, coffee has undergone intense research and the findings may change the way you look at your morning mug. Learn about the research and how to make that perfect cup.
  • Bringing Vegetables to the Table: A Celebration of the Harvest- This program explores the many ways to prepare and enjoy the bounty of healthful vegetables that autumn provides with a focus on the vegetables of New Jersey.
  • Focus on Fungi: Mushrooms and Their Health Benefits- Did you know that mushrooms and other fungi affect every facet of human life? And, new research shows that mushrooms are beneficial to health. Learn how to cook with mushrooms and taste and receive tasty mushroom recipes!
  • Berries and You: Perfect Together- A seminar that explores the health benefits of berries with a focus on the berries of New Jersey. Tasting and a beautiful booklet of berry recipes included.

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