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Passaic County 4‑H Clubs

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Becoming a 4‑H Club member is a great way to make friends, learn lots of new things, and become a better you. 4‑H motto "To Make the Best Better".

The four H's of 4‑H stand for 'head, heart, hands and health;' a representation of the character-building core values of independence, belonging, mastery and generosity. Through caring adult volunteers, supportive 4‑H staff, land-grant (Rutgers) university resources, and fun and informative events, we are able to encourage youth to 'make the best better' within themselves, their clubs, and their communities.

As a 4‑H volunteer you can be a part of a very rewarding experience, improving the lives of youth in your community. Volunteers are essential for the success of 4‑H and its youth participants. There are various ways in which you can volunteer. We can find the right volunteering opportunity for your skills, interest and availability.

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Passaic County 4‑H Clubs

Zoom in Preakness Aggies Club

Preakness Aggies Club

The Preakness Aggies Club is a cloverbud club (Grades K–3) that focuses on building knowledge and life skills of its club members. Each year the club participates in many community services activities, public presentations, field trips, and the learning of various topics of interest.

Junior/Teen Council

Zoom in Junior Council Club

Junior/Teen Council club members focus on learning and improving team building, leadership, and service learning skills. Club members in grades 6-12 meet monthly in the Wayne area.  Members learn to work on committees and learn to problem solve as a group. Additionally, members learn about officer roles and how to lead in committees. Youth will enhance their decision making skills by guiding club decisions and projects. Members will also gain experience in service learning, community service and citizenship. They will learn what it means to be a good citizen; learn to identify the needs in their 4-H program and communities and how to work towards them. Members of Junior/Teen Council participate in regional, state, and national 4-H trips.

Zoom in Alpaca Club

Passaic County 4‑H Alpaca Pals

Alpaca Pals is a 4‑H club in Passaic County that specializes in training alpaca for different alpaca shows. Various club rules, traditions, and job positions are set in place providing a fun and positive experience for all club members. Our club welcomes children of all ages to partake in training, caring for, and raising (if they choose to do so) their very own alpaca. We are learning how to care for these alpaca by training them, vetting them, shearing them and how to dye fibers. Our goal for the club is to expand our knowledge on these animals. We hope to hold the 4‑H motto of making the best even better.

Zoom in Junior Council Club

Passaic County 4‑H Emerald Archers

4‑H Shooting Sports programs provide an outstanding way of providing human growth and development in the life skills identified by the National 4‑H Program. We strive to teach safe and responsible use of firearms and archery equipment at home, on the shooting range, or in the field, including sound decision making, self-discipline, and concentration. The Passaic County 4‑H Emerald Archers is open to youth in grades 6 and up and they meet in North Haledon.

science pathwaysScience Pathways

The Science Pathways club is a group of teens focused on building leadership skills in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics(STEM)  field. Teens learn about different fields of science through hands-on activities and workshops. By accomplishing STEM goals and challenges, teens develop a strong skill set for their future. Teens spend a good portion of their time teaching back hands-on STEM programs to youth in their communities.