4-H Youth Development

Photo: 4-H group.

4-H logoThe 4-H Youth Development program uses a learn-by-doing approach to enable youth to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to become competent, caring, and contributing citizens of the world. The goals of the 4-H Youth Development Program are to:

  • Provide informal, educational programs for youth in grades K-13 (one year out of high school).
  • Encourage responsibility, community awareness and character development in youth.
  • Increase Knowledge and Strengthen skills in adults working with youth through training, resources and support materials. Improve community partnerships and collaborations.

Passaic County 4-H is a youth development program serving youth throughout Passaic County. We are one of the many programs offered by Rutgers Cooperative Extension.  4-H is one of the largest youth development organizations in the U.S. and we offer youth opportunities to explore the areas of science, engineering, technology, and healthy lifestyle and citizenship.

4-H Clubs

There are 7 active 4-H clubs located around Passaic County. Clubs are led by trained volunteers and each club has a different focus area and participate in various projects throughout the year promoting their focus area.

In-school/After-school Enrichment Programs

Passaic County 4-H offers in school and after-school enrichment programs. That focus on; healthy living, science, egineering and technology.

Additional Information

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